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Jul 05, 2023

Milwaukee MX FUEL 14

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch cut-off saw has the same cutting capacity (5-inches) of a 14-inch gas power cutter. It replaces starting hassles with push-button convenience. You just pop in either the

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch cut-off saw has the same cutting capacity (5-inches) of a 14-inch gas power cutter. It replaces starting hassles with push-button convenience. You just pop in either the CP203 3Ah or XC406 6Ah MX FUEL battery pack and get to work. You also eliminate many maintenance issues typically associated with a 14″ gas saw. Because the saw uses a full 14-inch blade, you can make up to 10-inch straight pipe cuts without necessarily having to rotate the piece.

The entire Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment System alters your perception of what battery power can accomplish. We listened to several Pros who got to use the new MX FUEL cutoff saw. Several commented they liked the power and capacity for cutting through steel, concrete, and cast iron. Others communicated that it cut as fast as a gas power cutter and the speed of cut was at least identical.

Specifically, with regard to power, they liked that it could more quickly tackle thicker steel and cast iron. Eliminating the need for gas and premixing fuel makes the tool easier to use on the job site.

Overall, the saw scored high points for being very portable and quite reliable for getting work done quickly and efficiently. The words “well-built” and “powerful” kept coming up over and over again to describe this saw.

Pros also gave feedback on the weight of the tool. The Milwaukee MX FUEL MXF314-XC weighs more than some comparable gas cutters due to the large MX FUEL XC battery. Still, based on feedback, that weight seems well-balanced and manageable.

Take a look at the weight of the MX FUEL battery-powered power cutter compared to its competition. Note that the indicated weights do not include fuel:

Indoors, you also eliminate fumes and/or the need for a generator in the case of electric cutters. Since the only sound gets produced by the action of cutting—and not a gasoline engine—the MX FUEL 14-inch cut-off saw makes less noise overall.

You can supply a hose directly to the quick-connect port located on the right side of the power cutter. Alternatively, you can grab the Milwaukee Switch Tank or other water supply system to provide a local source. A dual water supply line delivers the water evenly to both sides of the blade, ensuring a cooler cut and minimizing dust when cutting concrete or pavers.

Because the MX FUEL power cutter uses a smoother electric motor as opposed to the pistons of a gasoline engine, it produces less vibration. Functionally, the tool just works in a way that takes less effort to make straight cuts. This applies both to metal and also when used with Milwaukee Tool’s optional wheeled cart for cutting concrete floors.

Speaking of that cart, it makes for a phenomenal tool accessory. The Milwaukee 3100M cut-off saw cart uses three oversized wheels to take the strain off the user’s back. It also helps maximize runtime by holding the blade at a consistent height throughout the length of the cut. The cart’s gravity feed water tank allows for wet cutting.

The cart includes a bracket that lets the 4-gallon M18 Water Supply eliminate dust from the cut. Alternatively, you can drag a hose to the quick-connect coupler on the Milwaukee MXF314-XC.

Milwaukee Tool makes some presumptions with the new MX FUEL platform. First, they assume you’re going to at least grab a couple of batteries to keep everything running. These tools offer significant possibilities for replacing gas or electric equipment on a job site. They, do, however, run on batteries, and you may need a couple to tackle a day’s worth of work.

If you presume the use of two XC406 battery packs, Milwaukee documents several run-time scenarios. Here’s what they say you can tackle with this configuration:

The Milwaukee MXFC charger (included with the kit) charges both styles of MX FUEL batteries. It charges the CP203 battery (3Ah) in just 45 minutes and the XC406 battery (6Ah) in 90 minutes. With two batteries and access to 120V power, you should be able to work all day in many applications.

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch cut-off saw presents a great opportunity for construction professionals. It starts up quickly with the push of a button and gets a decent amount of work done using battery power. You likely want to consider several Milwaukee MX FUEL tools so that you can utilize multiple battery packs on the job site.

It’s certainly a paradigm change, but one whose time seems to have finally come. With multiple 18V and even 36V technology, you could certainly have task-based cordless power tools. The Milwaukee 14-inch cut-off saw looks to be one of the first pieces of cordless power equipment.

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